White lines and pot holes

It has probably not escaped the notice of many of you that election time is fast approaching, and perhaps anticipating a rout the Liberal Democrat councillors and electioneers seem to be out in force. Now I would say that I am more interested in politics than the average person, I read the paper, watch Question Time and even read the political pamphlets that we are inundated with at this time of year. However when these political animals arrive at my doorstep and want to speak to me to secure my vote I have to confess my first and only thought is how can I get rid of them as quickly as possible. Therefore whether they are Labour, Conservative or Liberal (I draw the line at UKIP) I tell them that yes they can be sure of my vote and they merrily go on their way. I expect I am not the only person to do this, which makes me question why they ask in the first place. This must lead to significant head scratching amongst the losing parties every election as to how their polls were so wrong.

Nevertheless this week when it happened I came away wishing I had engaged them more, as there has been something which really confused me this week. I live in Woking, in the Goldsworth Park estate, and generally I feel that the local council does a reasonable job. Yet there is one thing that I feel they do particularly poorly, which is maintenance of the road. As a cyclist there are frequent potholes that I have to avoid on my way to work. As a motorist these are annoying because of the wear and tear on the car but as a cyclist they could well cause serious injury. In fact one of us at JFL Autos was hospitalised a few months ago when they hit a pothole on their bike.

Yet our local council in their infinite wisdom rather than deciding to repair the roads has decided that what they really need is repainting. Over the last week many of my surrounding roads have been reinvigorated with a coat of white paint, despite the old paint being perfectly fine. In fact in the image below you can even see the old lines, clearly although they are no longer brilliant white they were perfectly serviceable.

Our bright new white lines

Our bright new white lines

So therefore my regret is that when the caller at my door asked “Do you have any local issues that you would like to talk about?” I shouldn’t have gone with my instinct and said No, in order that I could get back to my dinner. What I should have said was “Why are you wasting money repainting the roads instead of resurfacing them?” So if anyone from the local council does call on you in the run up to the election I would be most grateful if you could let me know what the response to that question is.

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